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The Kalixan Allergy Prevention Concept is based on the recognition of risks and the identification of persons who are most prone to allergies (babies, children and other sensitive groups). It describes the most important steps towards curing or alleviating the symptons of allergy-related illnesses.   

Avoiding contact with allergens (foreign substances which trigger allergies) is the most important step in the prevention of allergies and in the alleviation of allergy-related illnesses.  Listed individually, these are: DUST-MITE DECONTAMINATION, ENZYME-FREE PRODUCTS,  AIR FILTER SYSTEMS.


As enzymes constitute the main cause of allergies, the Kalixan Prevention Concept concentrates primarily on avoiding contact with products which contain enzymes (e.g. laundry and cleaning detergents) and on reducing the effects of allergens due to enzymes (e.g. found in the excrement of acariens, in fungus and in plant pollens) in the home environment.



 "Our goal is to diagnose and eliminate the causes of illnesses

instead of fighting the symptoms!"

Dr. Thomas Bohner