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You can obtain the new hypoallergenic Calisan® products direct from us via this link

Calisan® products are also available from pharmacies and drugstores. 


Calisan®: the first laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid and all-purpose cleaner awarded the "aha" seal of quality for especially gentle products for allergy sufferersRead more here....

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A true story

Here are the reasons why Kalixan exists today – and what is so special about it.


The story of Kalixan and its product range is also my story which began in 1984. During my childhood and adolescence, I enjoyed excellent health and spent a sutstantial part of my leisure time on the sports field.  At the age of 18 however, my sporting 'career' ended abruptly as a result of an asthma allergy. For the following four years, as many other allergy sufferers have experienced, I was referred from one specialist to another in the search for the cause of and the cure for my allergic reaction.  

Instead of resigning myself to my illness , I devoted myself to the history and possible causes. Starting from the hypothesis that allergies are linked to consumer goods, household dust mites and the food industry, I conducted numerous tests. Having carried out a decontamination of dust mites and avoided all products which contain industrially manufactured enzymes, my sypmtoms disappeared. 



Nevetheless, the goal to avoid products, which contain undesirable additives such as enzymes, became increasingly difficult.  Misleading declarations and persistent silence from the industry on questions of ingredients lead me to the single, remaining solution:

"Trust is good – making your own is better!"

As a result of this research, I developed my own brand of enzyme-free products, Calisan®, as well as new products for the prevention of allergies and the decontamination of dust mites.