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You can obtain the new hypoallergenic Calisan® products direct from us via this link

Calisan® products are also available from pharmacies and drugstores. 


Calisan®: the first laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid and all-purpose cleaner awarded the "aha" seal of quality for especially gentle products for allergy sufferersRead more here....

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Our mission 

We strive to be the leader

Our goal is to provide and/or produce the best products for persons with allergies. This includes the development and manufacture of the most skin-friendly products for laundry, household cleaning and body care, which we have successfully launched under our own brand Calisan®.


Our activities

We offer persons with sensitive skin and allergy-related asthma a unique alternative. We consistently align our products to the individual needs of our clients.

The Kalixan Allergy Prevention Concept is based on the recognition of risks and the identification of persons who are most prone to allergies (babies, children and other sensitive groups). It describes the most important steps towards curing or alleviating the symptoms of allergy-related illnesses. .

Our most important tasks

- To identify and fulfil the needs of our clients.

- Transparent and honest communication.

- Recognise and cure the causes of illnesses instead of fighting the symptoms.

- Contribute to the improvement of health.

- Respect for the environment together with sustainable development.