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Wet dust cannot fly about

Conventional vacuum cleaners collect dust in filter bags and dry filters. The finest dust particles, however, are blown out of the machine.

The difference between the PRO-AQUA room clearning systems and conventional vacuum cleaners is the filter system. The PRO-AQUA bonds all dust and dirt completely together in water. From a medical perspective of illness prevention, this room cleaning system promotes and maintains a healthy climate so that it is a sensible addition to maintaining a hygenic home environment.


The PRO-AQUA room cleaning system effectively removes dust-mite excreta from mattresses and carpets. When cleaning mattresses, we recommend you to vacuum-clean the mattress first with the Pro-Aqua and then to deep-clean with the electro-suction nozzle. We would be pleased to demonstrate both working methods to you in your own home. 



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The air, in a room which has been cleaned and humidified, protects the mucous membrane and, as a result, puts less strain on the immune system.  


Household dust-mites - creeping risk of asthma

Household dust-mites are tiny, microscopic spider-like animals. They are found in every household up to 1500 metres above sea level and their ideal breeding conditions are temperatures between 22 to 30° celsius. 


In the home, it is especially the mattresses in the bedroom where the majority of dust-mites reside. The matress offers plentiful food in the form of tiny fragments of skin and also guarantees warmth and humidity. On average, 10'000 dust-mites live in a bed! 


The medical association of German allergologists, "der Ärzteverband Deutscher Allergologen" estimates that  the enzymes in the minute-sized excreta of dust-mites trigger allergy-related medical conditions in every 10th German person almost all year round.


The fine dust-like excrement of dust-mites, which contain many enzymes, causes allergies.   In contrast to pollens, household dust-mites exist in human surroundings the whole year round. The household dust-mite allergy is therefore described as an all-year allergy. 



Should you suffer from red eyes or a blocked nose in the mornings, the possible cause is  an allergy to household dust-mites.  Bronchial asthma is often a result of an allergy to household dust-mites. The symptoms appear typically during the night or after waking-up in the mornings, as well as when making the bed. The most acute symptoms occur when the home climate is humid and warm, in other words, at the start and end of the heating period.    

Prevention - reduce the number of dust-mites

It is virtually impossible to eliminate dust-mites from the whole household. However, their numbers can be drastically reduced by following these steps:

Clean mattresses thoroughly (remove the excrement of dust-mites)

  • clean mattresses thoroughly (remove dust-mite excreta)
  • cover mattresses and quilts with anti dust-mite protection covers (encasings) 
  • furnish bedrooms with as little upholstered furniture as possible
  • Avoid having plants in the bedroom (spread of mould)
  • wash all bedlinen, cuddly toys, etc. at a minimum of 60° celsius
  • regularly clean carpets (deep-cleaning recommended) 
  • avoid dust collectors such as cuddly toys, pillows, dried flowers
  • household dust-mites do not like cold temperatures. Air rooms daily and avoid using humidifiers.  With regard to dust-mites, these machines actually benefit their preferred breeding conditions.