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For a healthy sleep and to wake up refreshed.


Dear client,


We cannot influence how long you sleep but we can improve the quality of your sleep. By providing top quality products derived from the very latest research and development together with excellent service, we aim to guarantee you a recuperative and wholesome sleep.  

As experts in the field of allergy-prevention, we offer you a variety of top class products. This enables you, the client, to select the quality which best suits your individual needs:  


Quick test of household dust mite allergens

Anti-dust mite protection covers:


Prevent proAIR  -   Prevent FLOW   -   Prevent SOFT


Our products comply with the latest standards and have been tested by independent institutions*. We place great value on a high level of safety as well as simplicity in the use of our products.   

All three of our products fulfil the medical requirements to the ideal level in terms of particle retention as well as breathability.













Which product is best for which type of sleeper?


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* See Products page for results and institutions.