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Neurodermatitis – a disease with many triggers Print E-mail

Neurodermatitis belongs to the group of atopic illnesses which are often hereditary. Alone, however, these are not capable of causing, for example, an eczema, a respiratory allergy or asthma.
Only with additional external influences or certain environmental substances can the symptoms then be triggered.

At the same time, changes to the immune system of the human body against allergenic substances (such as pollen, household dust or certain foods) can lead to a stronger breakout of the illness.
Avoid, therefore, whenenver possible such causes when these are known to you.

Citrus fruits or juices may lead to a higher incidence of itching by persons suffering from neurodermatitis.
Household dustmites are proven aggressive internal allergens and are one of the prime causes of neurodermatitis.


Relief thanks to a comprehensive health concept

 The range of treatments for neurodermatitis sufferers is manifold and can require intensive care depending on the gravity of the inflammation.  Special clothing for neurodermatitis and allergy-preventive encasings for bedding offer ideal protection from the painful itching. Our enzyme-free laundry and cleaning detergents are especially adapted for the textiles for persons with sensitive skin or a higher risk of neurodermatitis.  

The wearing of special clothing to prevent neurodermatitis is a proven benefit in supporting  therapies. The nightly scratching of affected areas of the skin are effectively prevented. For this reason it is important for your child to become used to the new "pyjama suit" as quickly as possible.  Allow your child to sleep in the new pyjama suit to prevent the effects of itching.  Thanks to the sewn-in gloves, you child is no longer able to scratch the skin to the point of bleeding, which, in turn, prevents the general development of the illness.