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Enzymes and Health Print E-mail
Enzymes in industrial products and their possible consequences for our health
Enzymes are natural substances but they cannot be described as "naturally" safe. As early as 1990, Brunello Wüthrich, an allergologist based in Zurich, was able to demonstrate that enzymes play a critical role in the development of allergies.  Wüthrich proved that industrial enzymes are often responsible for the occurence of allergies among the baking profession.  What is so special about enzymes? And how can the avoidance of certain enzymes lead to an improvement in health?

The analyses and experiences of Dr. Bohner and other scientists have proved conclusively that active enzymes can alter the protective "armour "of the human body, namely the epidermal layer and mucous membranes,  and in so doing, allow foreign substances to permeate the body, which can lead to allergies. Dr. Bohner is, therefore, convinced that the majority of allergies are "triggered" by enzymes.
                The correlation is clear when a comparison is made between industrial enzymes and the enzyme found in household dustmites. Both display similar characteristics: the components in the excreta of the dustmite account for one of the most aggressive causes of allergies. 

One component is the so-called P1, a protease, which not only damages the skin's protective layer, but whose enzymatic activities paralyse the regulatory functions of the immune system, which can cause and  sustain an allergic reaction.

Some of the industrially applied enzymes belong to the same family of enzymes as those of the household dustmite.



The human cells (especially the cells of the dermis) protect themselves from allergens and foreign substances with lipides, sugar and protein chains. Should the skin's protective epidermal layer become damaged by enzymes, it can no longer protect itself against the penetration of allergenic foreign substances - allergens can enter the body through the skin's surface and cause an allergic reaction.

These correlations and their influences on health are the results of scientific analyses carried out by Kalixan AG.