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Primary allergy prevention (Sickness prevention)

  • Breastfeeding (nutrition)
  • Smoke-free
  • Encasings
  • Hypoallergenic products (exempt from enzymes and fragrances)


Secondary allergy prevention (prevention for sensitized individuals)

  • same as above
  • decontamination of rooms (mould)


Tertiary allergy prevention (prevention from after-effects, exacerbation of an allergy)

  • same as above
  • Hyposensitization


Avoid contact with allergens, for example, by avoiding enzymes

  1. Avoid enzymes in consumer goods / foodstuffs
    - laundry and cleaning detergents
    - cosmetics
    - Food products (especially babyfoods)
  2. Decontamination of dust-mites
    - Special cleaning machines
    - Room cleaning machines
    - Encasings
  3. Avoid enzymes in pollens / fungus spores
  4. Avoid enzymes by using materials which enclose enzymes
  5. Avoid enzymes and infections by wearing functional clothing


What is meant by the decontamination of dust-mites?

  • Mattresses/pillows/quilts (without encasings!) shold be vacuum-cleaned regularly every 3 months
  • Mattresses (without encasings!) should be vacuum-cleaned every 4 weeks
  • Use anti dust-mite allergy-prevention covers (encasings)
  • Wash quilts and pillows every 2-3 months
  • Air quilts and pillows daily
  • Change all bedlinen regularly once a week
  • Select bedframes with feet so the mattress is clear of the floor
  • Lay mattresses in the hot sun (heat, ultraviolet rays)
    -check: material of the mattress