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New wellness for your skin


The incidence of skin diseases and irritations is increasing steadily for a variety of reasons. In Switzerland today, more than 20% of the population, especially children, suffer from neurodermatitis or some other form of skin infection. Our new range of underwear is designed to help sufferers to feel better in their skin and in their clothing.
Optimal clothing is an important factor in complementing any for of medical treatment. Established almost 135 years ago, the company SCHIESSER has continually designed and improved its products through a process of research and innovatory solutions in order to adapt to the ever-changing needs of its patients.
An efficient and rapid support to relieve and calm the skin is required in the case of sensitive, irritated or affected skin, for example, neurodermatitis. Thanks to the special composition of the fabric, ‘Sensitive Silver’ can support therapies and reduce the suffering from itching.


The special fabric composition – polyamide fibres encased in silver and woven in combination with the naturally skin-friendly TENCEL – as well as the body-fitting cross-cut carry to the specific directed purpose development unfolding of the positive effects.


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The anti-bacterial effect of silver, known throughout the medical world, prevents the growth of bacteria on the skin and thereby accelerates the healing process. The extra flat outside seams and the cross-cut of the fabric guarantee maximum comfort without any friction to the skin. Moreover, the washing and care labels are attached to the outside of the garment to prevent any further irritation to affected skin. Sensitive Silver is completely free of dyes, bleaches and softeners in order to maintain its beneficial effects on the skin. All our fabrics can be washed up to 60°with liquid laundry detergents which are enzyme-free.