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What happens to laundry? 
Even after the final rinse programme, there are still tiny particles of laundry detergent which remain in the fabrics. When the clothing is worn, these particles can be released as a result of perspiration or friction which, in turn, can lead to skin irritation.

We avoid endangers the skin! 
Laundry detergents are often identified as the cause of skin irritations. Typical reactions, depending on the level of of contact, are itchiness, red blotches on the skin, blisters or pimples.

According to Prof. Dr. med. Brunello Wüthrich, Allergologist and long-standing Head of the Department of Allergies at the University Clinic of Dermatology in Zurich, laundry detergents, or rather certain substances which they contain, can cause allergies or reactions of intolerance in persons predisposed to allergies and also to those who do not have an allergy history.  These allergic reactions primarily affect the upper or lower respiratory  systems or the skin. (Source: AHA!News 2, June 2005)


The reactions are provoked by the following factors: 

Powder form:
The handling of laundry detergent, especially in powdered form, e.g. when loading the washing machine, can lead to symptoms of lung irritation in persons who suffer from bronchial hyperactivity. 

-> This is the reason why «Calisan» is produced in liquid form.

Enzymatic additives:
can cause damage to the skin for consumers and have an influence on "cumulative toxic" excema. 

-> This is the reason why «Calisan» contains no enzymes.

Colour enhancers and fragrance are well-known for their allergenic risks when inhaled and as a cause of allergies from direct skin contact.  

-> This is the reason why «Calisan» does not contain any of these substances.