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Why «Calisan», the first hypoallergenic laundry and cleaning products? 

Many studies have proven that a clear relationship exists between allergies and industrially-produced enzymes in the food industry, consumer goods and basic commodities. Industrial enzymes often have a wide spectrum of activities as a result of biological or genetic enhancement - that is to say, they act less selectively.  Moreover, they are added to many products in unnaturally high quantities.

Notably, there is a high incidence of allergies among employees who are working with enzymes in business operations. Very well-written literature is available on the complexity of problems in the laundry and cleaning products industries, cheese manufacture, baked goods and fruit processing. Enzymatic dust is responsible for these allergies. 

Kalixan Ltd.'s own brand of hypoallergenic laundry and cleaning products, «Calisan», are produced free of enzymes or any other biologically or genetically-manufactured substances.
In contrast to the majority of laundry and cleaning products available on the market,  «Calisan» products are guaranteed to be free from:

  • dyes and fragrance
  • enzymes
  • bleaching agents
  • colour enhancers.
As a result, Calisan products are gentle, respect healthy skin and enable infected skin to heal better, as there is no further irritation to the skin.
  «Calisan» is available in liquid form and cannot release any irritable dust particles when used. Its hypoallergenic formula has been specially developed to exclude all groups or substances which contain enzymes and proteins, elements of bacteria and/or fungus, bleaching agents and colour enhancers, as well as dyes and fragrance. The latest studies show that 1.7% to 4.1% of the population are sensitive to fragrance and that this often leads to health problems. Typical signs of a reaction are: itchy, red skin, blisters and areas of pus-filled discharge. Skin, which is already sensitive, can be increasingly irritated and damaged. Consistent measures to eliminate the named group of substances, helps allergy-sufferers to avoid the possible causes of skin infections.